Hiring a professional will save you both time and money.
I have found the very best venues, products & services.
PLUS, I often get a discount that isn't offered to the public.
You will never find another producer who is as willing as I
am to go beyond the call of duty and do everything that is
possible to make your event spectacular.
I am constantly reviewing other events to see what's
happening in trends. I subscribe to tons of industry
publications to ensure that I can offer & suggest the best.
I know that I am not an expert electrician or a great baker.
Therefore, I have gone out and found the best of the best
and built a repor with them, to work with me, to serve you.
I offer a tiered system for my services. You can simply ask
for my suggestions, ask for some help, ask for a lot of help,
or completely hand it over to me. The choice is yours.
Got an Event? Try S.Oda Events!
Reasons to Choose S.Oda:

Great Value
Exceptional Service
Cutting Edge Design
Can-do Team Spirit
Custom Events
Flexible Coordinating